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Cappadocia Turkey – Cappadocia Balloon Flights

cappadocia balloon flights cappadocia Turkey amazing Places

Cappadocia Balloon Flights – Cappadocia Turkey

Cappadocia Turkey is one of the most famous places in World. Cappadocia region is where nature and history come together with most beautiful in the world. Geographic events fairy chimneys’ then creating the historical process people into the fairy chimneys, home, church, engraved, decorated with frescoes by them, carried the traces of old civilizations for thousands of years. Human settlements to the Paleolithic period extends written history of Cappadocia Hittite ‘s start with. Trade colonies and countries throughout history builds a bridge between the commercial and social Cappadocia, one of the important junctions along the Silk Road.BC XII. century, the collapse of the Hittite Empire begins a dark period in the region.During this period, Assyrian and Hittite kings ruled the region is now carrying the Phrygian effects. This Kingdoms VI BC. It takes centuries until the invasion of Persia. Cappadocia name used today, the Persian word for “Land of Beautiful Horses” means. In 332 BC, Alexander the Great defeats the Persians, but the encounters great resistance in Cappadocia. It is established in the Kingdom of Cappadocia. BC III. Century. Towards the end of the Roman power in the region begin to be felt, and the BC I. mid-century kings of Cappadocia, the power of the Roman generals appointed and deposed. Died in 17 AD, the last king of Cappadocia, the region is also a province of Rome.

Cappadocia Turkey is one of the perfect, interesting, mystic, beautiful , fascinating and amazing places to must see before you die.

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Has the unique beauty of the valleys and fairy chimneys. Bird’s eye view gives you a great joy to watch them. Soaking up the sky with balloons drifting sweetly feel the wind.
cappadocia balloon flights Turkey

cappadocia balloon ride

cappadocia Turkey famous places

cappadocia Turkey Hotels

Recommended Hotels in Cappadocia Turkey

The Village Cave Hotel
Ottoman Cave Suites
Doors Of Cappadocia Hotel
Elysee Cave House
Safran Cave Hotel
Rose Valley House

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    I recommend Cappadocia 2 Days Tour with Hot-Air Balloon Ride

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