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Lefkada island with famous beaches- Greece

Lefkada Island Greece famous places

Lefkada Island – Greece

Lefkada Island and beaches is one of the most famous places in Greece.
if you are looking for a beach holiday, then Lefkada is hard to beat. The west coast is home to vast expanses of sandy beach running below impressive cliffs, while the east coast is more sheltered bays and inlets. Most have waterfront tavernas, bars and spas, and many offer water sports.The island has a typical Mediterranean climate: hot summers and cool winters, especially in the mountains.

Lefkada Island is one of the perfect, beautiful , fascinating and amazing places to must see before you die.Here’s a guide to some of the best, touring the island in a clockwise direction:

Lefkada with the most perfect and beautiful photos of various aspects

Famous Beaches on Lefkada Island – Greece

Lefkada Island Greece waterfall amazing places visit

Lefkada Island Greece waterfall amazing places

Known for the amazing landscape and the exotic water, Lefkada has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma are the most famous beaches, while Agios Ioannis and Vassiliki are great for windsurfing and other watersports.
Lefkada Island Greece waterfall famous beaches

Lefkada Island Greece waterfall famous Islands

Lefkada Island Greece waterfall famous places

Lefkada Island Greece waterfall fascinating places

Kevalikefta Beach

Lefkada Island Greece Kevalikefta beach famous beaches

Magali Petra Beach

Lefkada Island Greece Magali Petra beach famous beaches


Where: between Kathisma and Agios Nikitas on the west coast
Description: Another beautiful beach in an idyllic setting, bordered to the south and towering granite cliffs to the east and north by steep wooded hills. The clear turquoise waters, which are not as easy to find but worth the effort. Do not forget to make arrangements, however, since no facilities lido here!
Access: is a good 15-20 minute walk by fairly steep terrain. Much easier to reach by boat from Agios Nikitas, right on the coast.
Lefkada Island Greece Milos beach famous beaches

Agios Nikitas

Where: in the northern part of the west coast
Description: The village of Agios Nikitas offers waterfront tavernas and good transport links (also by boat) to many of the most popular beaches on the west coast. Your own beach is small pebbles and beautiful
Access: easy drive
Lefkada Island Greece Agios Nikitas beach famous beaches


Where: in the north-west of Lefkada
Description: one of the best beaches of Lefkada, featuring beautiful turquoise waters, a mixture of white sand and pebbles and breathtaking scenery. Surrounded by steep wooded hills that runs for a mile along the coast so rarely gets overbusy. It is served by a car park and a couple of restaurants.
Access: easy drive
Lefkada Island Greece Pefkoulia beach famous beaches

Porto Katsiki

Where: at the southern end of the west coast
Description: one of the most beautiful, most colorful and picturesque beaches of the Greek islands. It is flanked on both sides by stunning white cliffs and access is through a wooded green passage. Then the white sand and blue water complete the palette. This beauty makes it very popular in high season.
Access: arrival at the parking is easy, but there are about 100 steps leading to the beach. Again, you can reach by boat from the nearby Vasiliki and Nidri on the east coast.
Lefkada Island Greece Porto Katsiki beach famous beaches


Where: a few miles north of Porto Katsiki in the south-west
Description: a 2.5 km long stretch of white sand and stones, clear waters and spectacular cliffs around … Sound good? Well, Egremni is another A-lister beaches of Lefkada, well equipped with solids and a couple of bars. The only thing that could keep you away are the 200 steps you have to climb to reach … Worth it though … especially if you wait around sunset!
Access: easy to drive, with the caveat that you have to park on the top and descend about 300 steps to get to the sand! Maybe you should consider arriving by boat!
Lefkada Island Greece Egremni beach famous beaches


Where: just south of Lefkada Town, near the top of the east coast
Description: A small pebble beach in an important area of ​​Lefkada fishermen so there are a lot of good seafood tavernas nearby and excellent views of the Greek mainland
Access: easy drive


Where: about 10 km south of Lefkada Town on the east coast
Description: once a sleepy fishing village, is now a tourist spot rather Nikiana developed, though certainly not shabby. There are two small pebble beaches, one just north of the bay, one just south. The first is flanked on one side by trees beach and both have views of mainland Greece. The taverns, cafes and bars in the town are nearby.
Access: easy drive


Where: halfway down the east coast
Description: Nidri is one of the liveliest resorts of Lefkada with some restaurants and bars. The pebble beach, sand is very popular and very well equipped with spas, taverns and bars. There are also great views of the neighboring islands of Heloni, Scorpio, Sparta and Madouri. If you’re there in September, do not be surprised to see a lot of boats, sailing: this is only the Ionian Regatta, one of the most important sailing events in this part of the Mediterranean. For those interested in some nightlife, Nidri also has some clubs.
Access: easy drive

Mikros Gialos

Where: a sheltered bay in the south-east, near Poros
Description: a long stretch of beach stones, pebbles, with spas, bars and taverns
Access: easy drive


Where: on the south coast
Description: a beach of large pebbles in one of the most rock off the coast of Lefkada. It’s a bit off the beaten track but there’s usually one or two lido where you can rent chairs and umbrellas.
Access: Very easy, by car, but there is a good stretch along narrow secondary road involved


Where: on the south coast, west of Amouso
Description: quite isolated pebble beach flanked to the north by some pretty impressive hills. The area is beloved by windsurfers and may also go canoeing.
Access: not the drive easier, thanks to the bumpy tracks leading there. Many people prefer to go by boat from the nearby Vasiliki.


Where: in a large bay in southern Lefkada
Description: one of the busiest stations in Lefkada, Vasiliki has been popular with surfers and sailors. It is also home to a long pebble beach surrounded by green hills that characterize much of the landscape in Lefkada. The city has plenty of tavernas and bars as well as facilities for water sports enthusiasts.
Access: easy drive


Where: about a third of the way down the west coast (about 15 km south-west of Lefkada Town)
Description: other beautiful long sandy beaches that offer spas, water sports, great sunsets and the restaurants and bars nearby. Like their southern cousins, which is surrounded by wooded hills and cliffs that make a spectacular setting.
Access: easy, by car, although parking can be difficult in August


Where: on the west coast, just south of the beach of Kathisma.
Description: from the village of Kalamitsi follow the road to the coast to get to some fantastic beaches with a mixture of white sand and pebbles. On the left is Kavalikefta with loungers and a bar, and later is Megali Petra, which has no facilities. On the right is Avali, which has a bar, and later find several beaches that are ideal for those seeking tranquility.
Access: by car on a windy road. To Megali Petra Kavalikefta have to walk from a road or descend

Agios Ioannis

Where: on the north coast of Lefkada
Description: Agios Ioannis beach runs up and around the headland thin outbreaks north coast of Lefkada. Be open to winds from the north has become a mecca for wind and kite surfing. The sand is soft and golden, the dreamy blue water and old windmills that dot the area provides a fascinating backdrop. Restaurants and bars are nearby.
Access: easy drive

Lefkada on the map

Lefkada Island Best Beaches
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