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Mevlana Museum (Green Mausoleum) in Konya Turkey

Mevlana Museum famous places fascinating mystic, Mevlana Tomb, Turkey, Konya

Mevlana Museum (Green Mausoleum) is one of the famous, interesting, mystic and amazing places to must see before you die.
The Mevlana Museum (Mevlana Müzesi), also known as the Green Mausoleum or Green Dome.
The Mevlana Museum in Konya, the complex of buildings that used to be a place of Mevlana, is the museum has been operating since 1926. “Mevlana Tomb” also referred to as.

“Green Vault” so-called tomb of Mevlana four elephant feet (thick columns) was on. Since then, no unfinished building activities, 19 continued up to the end of the century. The sect of Mevlevi be a part of the Ottoman sultans and the protection provided to give special attention to the mausoleum.

Mevlana Museum famous places fascinating mystic, Mevlana Tomb, Turkey, Konya

Mevlana Museum famous places fascinating mystic, Mevlana Tomb, Turkey, Konya

Mevlana Who is he?
Mevlana Museum famous places fascinating mystic, Mevlana Tomb, Turkey, Konya

His original name was Jalal al-Din Muhammad. “Belonging to God”, which means Rumi’s name, given to him at a young age spots began to read in class. Anatolia, which means in the name of Rumi is his nickname given to him by Westerners.

Rumi, the great Sufi is a man of all time. Most of the art in the life of a human being and the Sufi Rumi has worked to serve the people, by the people loved and respected is also a Sufi poet. Mevlana yet Bahaeddin the age of 9 his father and his mother, a great believer in difficulties with Babe migrated to Konya. Karaman in 1225 with Babe Gevher married the daughter of Lala Sharaf.

The poems of Rumi’s love of God and the words of the subject are still preserves its importance. Most of the textbooks, which are subject to some of the novels, Rumi, has a history of memorable. Because he killed the spirit of a great Sufi scholar, melted the hearts of the path of Allah.

Mevlana’s world-famous words;
“Come again, come again, whoever you come back each
Heathen, fire worshiper, pagan, come yet again
In our convent is not a place of despair
Whether you violated your swear a hundred times, come again. ”
Love like the sun,

Friendship and brotherhood be like a river,
Be like the night in covering the faults,
Be like the earth in humility,
Anger be like dead,
Each whoever you are,
Either appear as you are,
Or, as you look.

Mevlana Museum on the map

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